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The Memotron M2D is the youngest member of the Memotron-family. A robust metal-case harbours all the control-elements of the classic M400 control-panel. The sounds are directly pulled from the internal memory (encompassing ca. 360 memory-cells), without requiring a loading-process. Via SD-card new sounds can be imported and settings (Panaroma, Volume, Effects, as well as Attack- and Release-times) can be saved conveniently in the form of ‘frames’.
Included in the purchase are 100 sounds (the complete Studio and Vintage 1 Collection and a selection of single sounds from all other available collections plus 57 new sounds). All other available Memotron Sounds can be used as well. The integrated effects-section possesses numerous, adjustable effects like: Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo, Echo and Delay.

Overview of the functions:
- Fully polyphonic (111 voices)
- Up to three sounds loadable
- Controls: volume, tone, pitch, frame, half-speed, as well as Data/ESC to navigate the menu
- int. adjustable effects-processor
- Headphone output
- Volume-pedal input
- Stereo line-output
- MIDI In / Out
- int. sound-memory (700 sounds)
- SD-card-slot (rear)
- high-quality metalcase
- int. power supply (90-240V~ AC/ 50-60Hz)

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> Studio Collection (pdf)
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Vintage Collection 4 (pdf)
> Vintage Collection 5 (pdf) NEW!
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> Demosong Studio Collection
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Demosong Vintage Collection 2
Demosong Vintage Collection 3
Demosong Vintage Collection 4
Demosong Harry's Collection
Demosong Berlin School Collection
Demosong 50th Anniversary Collection
All single sounds with sound samples

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